M20/M20S - M24 - M33

M20/M20S - M24 - M33
Mongoose offers a selected range of easy to use, affordable and reliable security systems for a variety of applications.

All these models have a proven track record due to their ease of use, reliability, versatility and affordability.

  1. M20/M20S
    The M20/M20S is a very popular, easy to use, alarm system which includes an engine immobiliser and the ability to control your vehicles central locking.. This alarm system is wired to the bonnet, boot and doors and is supplied with a 2 stage shock sensor. Should an attempt at a break in occur, the M20/M20S determines the shock level and either gives pre-warning chirps or fully sounds the siren with indicators flash. To provide greater security and peace of mind, the system will re-arm,...
  2. M24
    This model is the 24 volt version of the M20. Only suitable for 24 volt vehicles.
  3. M33
    Fully featured alarm system including an engine immobiliser and remote keyless entry.Suggested price includes installation.