Top of the Mongoose range. When you want the best, look no further.

Choose the M80 or model for very high levels of security thanks to their extensive range of features.

The M80 can be installed as a Remote controlled securty system of can be installed as and Upgrade to work of your exsiting Factory remote controls

M80 - Remote Controlled
The M80 model is supplied with 2 x 3 button remote controls to allow keyless entry of a vehicles central locking.

M80 - Controlled by your existing vehicles remote
The M80 model can be installed as an 'upgrade' which interface with your vehicles existing remote controls.

Just use your remotes controls and leave the security to the Mongoose M80II.

  1. M80II
    The M80II is the latest flagship model from Mongoose. It's a '2in1' security system. 1: If your vehicle has central door locking but is not remote controlled, no problem....the M80II is supplied with 2 remote controls. 2: If your vehicle already has remote controlled locking, but no security alarm system, no problem.....the M80II can be installed as an 'upgrade' so you just use your vehicle remotes as normal. As we say, '2in1' - it fits almost any type of...