Many vehicle manufacturers are now using computer data communication (canbus) to control your vehicles functions. This allows for a vast reduction in the amount of copper cabling as it is like your internet connection, a single wire can handle a mulitude of tasks.
Anything from opening a door to the running of the engine - it's all monitored and controlled by the cars computer. 

Conventional analogue security alarm systems are either impossible or very difficult to fit, mainly because there are no wires to connect too !
The CanBus MAP77 is the answer !

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The MAP77 IS manufactured in Europe to UN and EU Standards. Each alarm is computer programmed by Mongoose prior to installation, just for your car - it can't be used anywhere else.

  1. MAP77
    The MAP77 is digital vehicle security system operating from your vehicles digital CanBus system. Each MAP77 is computer programmed for your specific make and model of car. This means that your security system will only work on your car - no one elses ! So easy to use - The MAP77 interfaces with your vehicle perfectly and is controlled by your existing remote control - just lock your doors as normal and the vehicle is secure. Please see USER MANUAL section for list of potential cars suitable...