Front Sensors

Do you know exactly where the front of your car is ?

So many car designs prevent the driver from seeing or accurately guessing where the front is. Damage to your car or other property can be expensive but can be easily avoided by the fitment of front parking sensors. These unobtrusive sensors give audible warnings when your vehicle is getting close to a wall or an object, or person !

The cost is much less than a bumper repair so once fitted, you will wonder how you ever drove without them !

  1. MPF-S
    Can't see the front of your vehicle or judge the distance when parking nose into a wall, vehicle or other obstacle ? Our front parking sensors solve that problem and can avoid expensive repairs, not only to your vehicle but also to what you may have hit !Automatic switch onAs you approach a wall whilst parking (or other large object), just depress the foot brake to activate the sensors. As you get closer, you get audible warning beeps that get faster as you get closer. The sensors switch off...