GPS Trackers - 3 Models


The use of a Mongoose GPS tracker is almost endless, 3g quad bandbut best of all, they are probably the best value feature packed trackers available in Australia.

Included with all models are the FREE mobile phone APP and FREE website.

There are no contracts or monthly fees- only extra is the trackers SIM card usage....just a few dollars a month !

Click the iPhone to see more details about the APP and website

  1. Vehicles - VT900
    When you are looking for a vehicle GPS tracker that does what you want at a realistic price - look no further. The Mongoose VT900 has to be the best value, feature packed GPS tracker.  Just a glance through it's array of features shows it can do almost everything most users want or need. What's more, it's so easy to use thanks to the mobile APP ! PURCHASE PRICE INCLUDES; FREE MOBILE APP FREE WEBSITE NO MONTHLY FEES NO CONTRACTS
  2. LT600 - Long Life Battery
    Track anything that is not powered  -  Up to 5~6 months on one battery charge ! Now you can track your trailer, horse float, boat, shipping container, farm/forestery equipment, or anything that cannot provide power to the tracker.Designed for long term tracking reporting just once a day - a single charge can last for months.  It is also perfect for daily use, reporting every 30 seconds when moving. Battery life is approximately 60 days when used in this situation.No...
  3. PT880 - Personal
    Track anyone, anything, anytime, anywhere with this personal GPS tracker.  The Mongoose PT880 is a multi-purpose battery powered GPS tracker either for yourself, your children, your belongings and for those you care about. Being so small, it easily slips into a pocket or bag !  You can set a 'geo-fence' - an invisible boundary around a fixed - if the tracker, or the person with it, leaves the area (or enters), you get an alert on your mobile phone. It's difficult for...
    The APP & Website - 2 powerful tools to view & manage your GPS tracker.2 great features of our GPS trackers are the mobile APP and online website.There are no fees, they are free to use. The APP can be downloaded for Apple IOS or Android smart-phones or tablets.For the online website, simply logon from any computer - no software to download.APP and website have passwords (which you can change) to protect your privacy. THE MOBILE APP : Download and...