Trailer Couplers

3 models to choose from;

PTT - Heavy duty single camera - suitable for large trucks

PTT2 - Light weight single camera - suitable for cars, SUV's, vans etc

TC3 - Light weight 1 to 3 camera - suitable for cars, SUV's, vans etc.

  1. PTT2 Trailer Coupler
    Light weight trailer coupler
  2. TC3 Trailer Coupler
    At last, a solution to fitting more than one camera to a trailer. Connects from 1 to 3 cameras from the tow vehicle to the trailer with just one connector.Includes; Light weight curly cord 4 PIN heavy duty connectorsMake your choice of camera(s) and cables. Our large vehicle cameras with their 4 pin connectors simplt plug in.Alternatively, choose any other RCA camera plus the RCA to HD cable convertor. Camera, monitor and cables not included.
  3. PTT Heavy Duty Trailer Coupler
    Heavy duty trailer coupler