Alarm Sensors & Switches

  1. Impact / Shock Sensors
    Two-stage impact(shock) sensorsImpact sensors, also known as shock or vibration sensors, are designed to detect impacts to the vehicle. There are 2 levels of detection (depending on alarm functions). The first stage just chirps the siren if the sensor detects light impacts to warn away any other possible attack. Heavier impacts cause the alarm to sound fully. All models are adjustable for sensitivity.Suitable for any alarm with a negative trigger. MES20 suits Mongoose models M20, M40...
  2. Glass Break Sensors
    Models; MBG6000 / 8000 A glass break sensor has a separate microphone to detect the sound of glass breaking. It is not a impact/shock sensor, it reacts to the actual sound of glass breakage. MGB6000 - suits M60 models MGB8000 - suits M80 and MAP80 models Standard part on all Mongoose 'G' models. Suitable for all models. Also suitable for connection to factory fitted alarm systems (extra components may be required)
  3. MUM80 - Ultrasonic Sensor
    Ultra-high frequency sound fills the interior of your vehicle - activates your alarm if any change to the interior environment. Ultrasonic sensors fill the interior of your vehicle with inaudible ultra-high frequency sound waves. Any disturbance will cause the alarm system to trigger.Only suitable for hard top and fully enclosed vehicles.
  4. MMW80D - Microwave Sensor
    The dual zone microwave sensors (radar) protect both the inside and outside of your vehicle when fitted to a suitable alarm system. An intrusion into the exterior zone will chirp the siren, whilst an intrusion into the interior zone will fully sound the siren. They are adjustable for zone field size. Certain alarms only permit single zone protection and this product should be used to protect the interior zone. MMW80D - suits all M60, M80, MAP80 models
  5. 320401 - Pin Switch
    Spring loaded pin switch. Normally used as a bonnet switch for car alarms. Universal use.
  6. 320402 - GM Style Pin Switch
    Stainless GM style pin switch. Commonly used for car alarms for bonnet, boot or doors. Complete with rubber boot cover.