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Power Window Lifter For Your Toyota

Wind those windows up or down by existing remote control.

Description We've all done it before, left a window open when locking the car. So you have to unlock it, put the key in the ignition, close the windows and then re-lock it. Frustrating isn't it ? But not any more !

Fit the TWK and now just lock your car and if a window is open, just use your remote to close them. Car too hot in the summer ? You can now open the windows by remote to let some cool air in before you get in to drive.

  • Easy remote controlled operation (uses the cars own remote)
  • Makes you car more secure - no windows left open
  • Safety warning before closure - window rolls slightly up then down before closure
  • You can stop window operation (up or down) by remote
  • Can open or close just one or all windows
  • 3 year warranty

Only suitable for cars with 4 electric windows.
Does not operate on vehicles with only two electric windows.
Only suitable for Toyota's CanBus equipped passenger vehicles after 2009 >AURION - CAMRY - COROLLA - PRIUS - PREVIA - YARIS - HIGHLANDER - LANDCRUISER 200 - PRADO - RAV4