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4.3" - clip-on

Description The LCD43M is a universal mirror/monitor that clips onto the original mirror.
The mounting clips are spring loaded so they can adjust to fit almost any interior mirror and create a snug fit.

The combination of the latest mirror and monitor technology provides a product that provides stunning performance yet is so discrete.

This rear view mirror contains a 4.3" LCD colour monitor.
The rightside is the dedicated LCD monitor but the whole unit is a mirror when not in reverse gear. Picture quality, orientation and AV input can be selected from the monitors control buttons. 2 x AV inputs.

Combine this mirror monitor with one of our ClearView cameras to have a camera reversing system second to none.

We also recommend the fitment of parking sensors that give an audible warning of potential dangers.

Note; This monitor is 28cm wide, please check distance between front sun visors for adequate clearance.