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5.0" - mirror replacement


LCD43T15" screen


• Auto switch on when reverse selected
Replaces existing mirror
Concealed display zone – looks like a normal mirror
High resolution digital LCD colour screen
Power memory & low consumption
Dual video inputs - RCA
• Easy touch screen controls

The LCD50P is manufactured for all vehicles with a compatible windscreen mounting plate as this mirror/monitor replaces the original mirror and comes complete with a new pedestal windscreen mount.
The combination of the latest mirror and monitor technology provides a product that provides stunning performance yet is so discrete.
The complete assembly is your interior rear view mirror. As soon as you select reverse the reversing camera image is shown in the centre of the mirror.
Picture quality and AV input can be selected from the monitors control buttons. There are two AV inputs which allows for a second camera or other video input.

* May not be compatible with all vehicles depending on model type