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Motorcycle remote

Description MCA500

There are two types which are not interchangeable; They can be distinguished by the colour printing on the reverse side of the existing remote:- either silver or gold printing - please ensure you quote the correct type.

To learn new remotes into memory, or to erase a remote that may be lost:

  1. Disarm the alarm and turn ignition on then off
  2. Wait one second then turn the ignition on and off very quickly five times and leave on for the sixth time. The siren will echo the high tone four times. The timing of this sequence is critical
  3. Within ten seconds, press both the 'OFF' button and the 'SILENT' button at the same time. The siren will echo one low tone
  4. As this will also erase all other remote codes in the alarm memory you must now press the corresponding buttons on the other remote transmitters you wish to program into the alarm. The siren will echo two low tones for the second remote, three low tones for the third, and four low tones for the fourth remote
  5. Turn off the ignition or leave for 10 seconds to complete the learning process. The siren will then echo a low-high tone twice