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Headrest DVD Players

These have to be the coolest accessories that your rear seat passengers will really appreciate.
The headrests each have their own built-in DVD player so passengers can watch their own movie. The headrests can be linked together so that one movie can be played over both screens.

They are available in 2 screen sizes:- 7" or 9" with a choice of colours to match your vehicle.
As an alternative, the headrests can be retrimmed to almost any material you choose.

What makes these headrests popular is the fact that when you replace the vehicle, the original headrests go back in and put the DVD models into the new vehicle - it's really a one time purchase ! 



Clip-on 9" DVD Headrest Player



Q415 7"

Headrest DVD Player, Supplied as a pair - black/grey/beige or re-trimmable



Q490 9"

ADR Approved headrest DVD Players - black, beige or grey.