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Star Rating

The 'Star Rating' is a method to help identify genuine 'standards certified' vehicle security alarm systems.

Here is a brief description of what the Stars mean:-

3 Star systems are engine immobilisers with no alarm functions.
AS/NZS4601.1999 amdnt 2003

4 Star systems are 3 Star immobilisers but additionally include alarm functions such as bonnet, boot and door protection.
AS/NZS3749.1 2003 Class B

5 Star systems are a step above 4 Star systems but offer additional security by way of a battery back-up siren and glass protection to help prevent intrusion through the glass area of a vehicle.
AS/NZS3749.1 2003 Class A

INSTALLATION: For correct operation and to validate the product warranty, we recommend that our security systems be professionally fitted by one of our approved dealers.

Call us for the name of your nearest approved dealer.

We advise against purchasing from unknown persons who advertise on auction based websites EBay. Warranties are only available from Mongoose and its approved dealers.